Sep 15

Day 2 of LFW!
I love these kind of slouchy playsuits, this one is by Maurie & Eve! Almost pyjama-llke and the sweater is so American school by BWGH, love to mash the two together! 

Both items from BKRM.com they have a ton of things from high street fashion to high end labels! you have to check it out!! 

more sooon!! xx

Sep 15

Some favourite looks from the Vielma show today :)

The room was literally triangle shaped with projections of giant jelly fish pottering along up the wall into the peak of the triangle which is this lovely little window. Amazing! 

Sep 15

Sep 15

Okay, this afternoon I fell in a deep well of love, haha. We went to the Belstaff presentation held in the store and all the colours, textures, cuts and designs were so amazing. I got a heap of inspiration here!  + it was so much fun wondering around Oxford street, all the stores are located inside incredible buildings and the overall vibe is just so beautiful!! 

Sep 14

Some street style snaps, 
And the amazing architecture! 

Absolutely love these muted colour pallets (as always). I’ve been meeting so many cool / talented people here too, now I am off to meet some more.^_^ post soon xx 

Sep 14

here is my LFW day 2 outfit!! I am obsessed with the skirt, shoes cat hat & turtle necks haha. it’s kind of an odd mashup but I was feeling spontaneous and it’s farrshion week in London. I was so overwhelmed with how well people dress here! Goodness it is amazing, I’ll post some street style snaps after this xx

shoes - Charles & Keith 

Skirt - Alexandra Grecco 

Sep 13

First outfit for LFW, 

I am going to be super casual I think here! I have some perfect accessories from Charles and Keith. I saw a storefront for the first time in Malaysia at the airport and it was so cool! Because we don’t have actual stores in Aus, I was shocked at how nice it was haha!

Okay this outfit was photographed in the incredible loft we are staying in, I could not resist shooting here it is so beautiful,

now we have to start getting ready for day 2 ;)


Sep 13

So we are nice and settles in now. In our beautiful London apartment. We had a dusk walk around Hyde Park today after our first show! here are some snaps :) more about the shoes etc soon! 

Sep 10

a cute little plaid set from Sheinside, also super comfortable! Paired with a thrift denim jacket & some cosy boots.
doing some afternoon exercise with my carry on before I am planted in a plane seat for 24 hours, off to London for now, I will post again soon, (it’s Farrshion week ;)


Sep 09

Here are some images from a shoot I did with some local talented creatives :) I re-edited images a bit to match my blog but the originals are so beautiful and vibrant too! Photography by Ninique photography :)

From shooting weddings I met Kate Ellen a makeup artist and we happened to be at so many of the same weddings, we decided to do more fun shootings together. This whole theme was her idea and she’s just an all around cool person! 

Also these beautiful gowns are made locally in Caloundra by a super talented designer, Judy Copley! They are so intricate and feminine, 
This whole shoot took me back to the 1800s. I wish I got to see this area in reality. I am sinking deep into a book at the moment set in this era. I’ve never been so addicted to a novel before!!

Okay I have to prepare more now for my travels post again soon,


Sep 08

vellsork said: You're soo amazing ☺️🙌💎 #ILoveElle MayLeckenby

Sep 08

Paradise - FOUND IT!
haha I love this top, it makes me laugh for some reason! 
Again apart of my Stylemoi.nu collection!
And remember if you like anything and want to shop it use TROPICALVILLA as a discount code and get 15% off!!

Okay now I’m off to pack some more and go to the shops!!


Sep 08

Sep 08

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Sep 08

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